5 Quick And Easy Ways To Get Your News Without Tuning In

I’ve got news for you – the news sucks.

It’s a collection of the world’s darkest, most depressing stories watered down to a few biased one-and-a-half-minute segments for the love of ‘informing’. I personally hate the news because it’s always presented to us like some ultimate truth when, in actual fact, it is often very biased or very limited in its representation. Also, it’s depressing. Have you ever gotten home after a long day and tried to watch TV and made the horrible mistake of trying to catch up on the news? After your boss chewed you out about a dumb mistake you made in front of your entire team and your work crush looked at you with sympathetic eyes that make you feel like a failure? The last thing you want to watch after that is a destitute family whose home was burnt down overnight because they needed to stay warm crying into the cameras of careless tv networks.

Besides how I personally feel about the news, it’s 2018 – who has time to actually wait for a specific program at a specific time to find out what’s happening in the world? We want instant gratification and we want it now! People need to stay updated on their own terms. So here are the best ways to do it in my very biased and subjective opinion. Spoiler alert: you’re still going to engage with the news, just not on a TV screen, which should make it slightly less depressing 🙂




Newsletters are great because they are timely and reliable and you can choose whether or not you want to open them. Try something like The Daily Maverick if you’re a lover of some deep stories you can pour over obsessively – particularly if you’re a lover of politics. Or subscribe to something you can skim…like The Skimm. For some reason, newsletters news subscription tend to be quite politically inclined. No, Buzzfeed, I don’t have 3 hours to sift through your in-depth analysis of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. I don’t care anymore and also, shouldn’t you be finding me a relatable yet insanely handsome celebrity husband or figuring out which Friends character I am? (Pheobe!).

Use them if: you don’t mind always having 106879 unopened e-mails


News apps

News Apps

You don’t even have to open these apps most of the time. The notifications alone give you some very detailed headlines. And if there’s anything we all know in 2018, it’s that headlines are all you need to run with your opinion!

Use them if: you don’t mind having your day constantly  plagued by depressing push notifications


WordPress Reader

Wordpress Reader

If you want to curate your news experience – never see random inexplicable content coming across your feeds – then this is perfect for you. You follow blogs that post content you are actually interested in – this can be current events or anything else for that matter.

Use it if: you actually remember to check in on it every once in a while, rather than just posting on your blog and leaving like a self-absorbed maniac




The dark, dark porthole to the weirdest people on the internet (in a good way).Tumblr isn’t the best source of unbiased, current affairs. It’s got a very specific type of user that’s generally on it and in my experience people on Tumblr are quite ‘cliquey’ – they find people with similar interests and views and stick to them. This usually breeds perfect ground for the echo chamber experience most people have on the internet – when everyone you interact with shares the same general views with you, to the extent where you start having a false sense of security and righteousness in your opinions, seeing as no one seems to disagree with them.

Use it if: you’re a weirdo.




Speaking of echo-chambers. Twitter has the ability to be the echo-yiest. Follow your friends (who you most likely became friends with because their worldviews are similar to yours), follow your favourite celebrities (who you most probably like because they share the same worldview as you – and of course they are also rich and famous) and follow other tweeps who tweet things you like (things that you most probably like because they align with your worldview and that they tweeted most probably because they align with the very same worldview) and voila, you have yourself the perfect echo chamber.

Use it if: you don’t take social media that seriously, or if you’re ready to be very very angry at everything, all the time

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