Honest love stuff to binge this Valentines Day

This list is not made up of strictly loves stuff but I personally don’t usually spend too much time focusing on love and relationships when it comes to content. I think that’s unhealthy, unbalanced and also just boring. But seeing as it’s Valentine’s day and we’re all in a lovey-dovey mood, let’s binge on some mostly lovey-dovey content. You can get into this content  with your S/O or with your other single friends or just by yourself because really, who needs real people when you have the internet?


AsktheFeels – They answer some random questions about relationships and sex. I’m not sure why this channel stopped producing content but the videos are still up, they’re still fun to watch and there are more than enough of them up for you to binge.



Oloni – She talks about everything related to love, relationships, and sexual health with a special video series where she asks people some very direct question out in public. Watch them squirm 🙂


Emily Hart is fun and real about love and relationships…even when she’s not in one. “10 Reasons Why …” dating advice series is particularly hilarious and on topic for today!


LifeAccordingtoJimmy – he takes a funny and satirical look at just about anything and makes videos out of that – if you’re a really slow you might miss the satire but it’s funny either way. His parodies are fav.


Storybooth – They tell random kid’s stories in animation. It’s oddly insightful and therapeutic…


Shameless Maya’s Slumber Party series -it’s girls and it’s fun and it’s shameless. They always have a great guests and they talk about all kinds of topics here from sexuality to social media to belief systems. This episode in particular was too real.



CoupleThings – This is the type of content that you’ll really enjoy if you’re also having a glass or two of wine on your Valentine’s Day – there’s talking dolls that make you question everything about your relationships and there’s drunk Tinder pranks on this channel.


Heels Off – An online talk show where it really gets real and they discuss all the things common topics about women and their take on them in a very real way. It’s great insight for men, if you want to know what women are really thinking and great insight for women if you want to know if your own feelings are justifiable. Also, every single one of these women is gorgeous.


Josh Levya – He has fun with relationship clichés (and other common things people like going on and on about on the internet) to show how dumb the internet can be.


The Wing Girls – Think of the most random thoughts you’ve ever had in your most random moments, especially if you’ve ever been inebriated… They’re completely ridiculous but hilarious.


Couple Goals: Dei and Joe are not like every other couple on YouTube making videos about nothing but being really cute while doing it and getting by that way, because they’re actually pretty funny!


Last but not least, one of my absolute favourite YouTubers, which is really saying something because as previously mentioned, I’m not big on ‘love and relationships’ content, but she does it in such a real and interesting way that I always learn something and ask myself a hundred questions afterwards. So if you check out just one YouTuber out from this list, check out Shan Boody.



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