Instagram – an art form

This blog was created to praise great content and bemoan the work that goes into it and how easily people tend to disregard it. (In case you still aren’t sure why you’re here…) Social media gets a lot of flack for being ‘pointless’, ‘a waste of time’ and even ‘not real’ – which may all be true to an extent, but social media has given creators an outlet for some amazing content while giving us content lovers easy access to it. There is so much talent and creativity going unnoticed or being belittled simply because it’s on Instagram…There’s also a whole lot of it receiving its due praise and actually earning real money through Instagram at the same time. Either way, this post is to show appreciation for some of the creative accounts refreshing my timeline from booty shots, protein shakes and selfies (which I also enjoy, sometimes).

You’re probably already following this account but it is always worth a shoutout. It follows photographers all over the continent living and working.


A Japanese graphic designer, who only posts pictures of her breakfast. I think I can see my future in her avocado toasties.



This account is run by Josh Hara – a coffee cup artist!

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Josh Hara (@yoyoha) on



This artist explores the lines between reality and your phone.



It’s a travelling teddy bear, with an amazing back story (look it up).


I use this account as a reminder of how stupid social media – including the one I am currently on – is.



As far as photographers go, Instagram is overflowing with them and that means many talented ones go unrecognised. I think he’s one of them.



It’s all in the name. They post pictures of interesting cars in interesting places, all over the world on Sunday.  I happen to love anything that gives me a unique look at an unfamiliar environment.



Again, everything is in the name. It’s urban and it’s creatives and it’s South African. For when you just want to look at beautiful people (all the time, in my case).

If you follow someone interesting, please drop their @ in the comments…(no shame in self-love too!)

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