Honest love stuff to binge this Valentines Day

Seeing as it’s Valentine’s day and we’re all in a lovey-dovey mood, let’s binge on some *mostly* lovey dovey content because really, who needs real people when you have the internet?

Instagram – an art form

Social media gets a lot of flack for being ‘pointless’, ‘a waste of time’ and even ‘not real’, but social media has given creators an outlet for some amazing content while also giving us content lovers easy access to it.

Do creatives need school?

You could google free courses and be enrolled by the end of this sentence. You could design your first logo in 30 minutes with a YouTube tutorial. You can do anything you want then create a blog and post about it!

The internet is so much happier during Christmas

During these few days you’ll find that getting on the internet isn’t as taxing as it usually is. Your favourite celebrities post warm and fuzzy family portraits and living room selfies with their families